Efforts in Malawi


Our Involvement in Malawi

Current Projects:

CRUSA also provided support for textbooks, reference materials, and helps to ensure that medical students will continue to have rotations through Ekwendeni.


CRUSA raises funds for medications and medical supplies for Embangweni Mission Hospital and surrounding clinics. 

Past Projects:
Compassionate Response was originally formed in 1998 in order to provide assistance to the people of northern Malawi. The aid has been primarily for medicines and supplies for the hospital, as well as to have a vehicle that can deliver staff and patients to the hospital as needed.

Below is a link to a documentary by Salome Chasnoff entitled Brink of Survival.


Documentary on health care in Northern Malawi.

Brink of Survival
A film by Salome Chasnoff

In the midst of the health care crisis sweeping sub-Saharan Africa, a small hospital in rural Malawi manages to serve 120,000 people, all nearly free of charge, with just one doctor.
The website for Brink of Survival by Personal Hermitage Productions

Published A Midwife’s Guide – a midwifery companion book to the World Health Organization’s module on Safe Delivery. This book is available for free via the internet and Google Play Store.