Tent and Tarp Drive

Tent and Tarp Drive in Madison and Oregon a Success!

 Read on below about the drive, who contributed, the totals and to see pictures.

About the Drive

We conducted a tent and tarp drive from Thursday the 18th through Thursday the 25th of February. We have guaranteed shipping to Haiti and distribution. Tents and tarps are being trucked to the headquarters of God Littlest’s Angels Orphanage in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The tents and tarps will join their shipment of supplies already bound for Haiti scheduled to leave March 5th. The distribution of the tents and tarps will occur in Petionville, very near Port-au-Prince.

Thank You!

We would like to thank the following people and groups for all their help in making this drive possible:
Group Health Cooperative of Madison for helping to spearhead the drive.
All the people that helped out at the Drive Through Drive at Group Health Cooperative.
Mother Nature’s Diaper Service for the donation of nearly 1300 diapers.
Menards for their donation of tarps.
UHaul for helping us send all the collected supplies to Colorado.
Tom and Ingrid Sommmers for driving the truck to Colorado.
Barb Worth Grate, Jeff Olson, Tae Olson, Minji Olson, Anika Olson, Paul Nierode, Cathy Nierode, and Allison Nierode for helping us organize, count and load the supplies.
And of course: Everyone that donated! Thank You!

Pictures from the Tent and Tarp Drive:

Total number of items collected:

77 Tents
89 Tarps
1300 Diapers