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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide humanitarian assistance with health, education, and housing.

Our History

Imagine If you were a sick child in Malawi with Tuberculosis and the nearest hospital was hours away, you walk to the hospital only to find that there is no medicine...  Compassionate Response was started as a non-profit organization in 1998 by late Joseph Sommers Sr and Joan Sommers and their daughter, Bonnie Sommers-Olson. The organization was started to meet the needs identified by physicians working in northern Malawi, Africa, including Dr. Martha Sommers. The first project was to obtain one and a half million iron tablets requested by the doctors who were battling morbidity and mortality in the maternal-child population made more difficult due to severe chronic anemia. After the shipments of the tablets, other needs were identified by the doctors and staff in Malawi and that has continued to guide the choice of projects that have followed. The aid has been primarily for medicines and supplies for the hospital and to have a vehicle that can deliver staff and patients as needed. In addition to continuing to support the needs in northern Malawi, Compassionate Response has partnered with a group of Doctors out of Chicago, IL, the Global Providers Fund. Their humanitarian work is centered around Malawi and Haiti.

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