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A Midwife's Guide

by Mary Sommers
Author Mary Sommers has saved countless lives through her publication, A Midwife’s Guide. With this book we hope to further educate individuals with the proper tools and techniques to save lives around the world.

**Warning - contains sexually explicit content for educational purposes only.

Law students at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) are currently working with Google to develop free mobile apps that make educational materials accessible to a global audience. Using this technology, GVSU students have successfully disseminated law textbooks to readers around the world.

Compassionate Response USA (CRUSA) is utilizing this same technology to provide free educational materials to midwives. The first book available through CRUSA is A Midwife’s Guide. It serves as a midwifery companion book to the World Health Organization’s module on Safe Delivery. A Midwife’s Guide is available for free download online and as a free Google App. We are happy to report that this companion book has received thousands of hits per month.

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A film by Salome Chasnoff
In the midst of the health care crisis sweeping sub-Saharan Africa, a small hospital in rural Malawi manages to serve 120,000 people, all nearly free of charge, with just one doctor.

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